Chihuahuita Storm Sewer Pump Station and System Improvements - El Paso, Texas

Posted Mar 06, 2021 by CEA Group

As part of the City of El Paso Storm 2006 initiative, the project consisted of a drainage study in order to determine the cause of flooding from the ±160 acre watershed in the Historical District of Chihuahuita, in Downtown El Paso and provide solutions.

Improvements include the addition of storm sewer lines and inlets within an existing storm sewer system, and a new pump station (65,000 gpm) at a depth of ±22-ft in order to safely pump storm water into the Rio Grande. Extensive coordination with all utility companies was required as well as with the IBWC, Homeland Security, Border Patrol and Union Pacific Railroad for discharge into the Rio Grande. The project consisted of the drainage analysis and preparation of plans, specifications, estimates, construction administration and RPR services. Gold Medal Winner of the 2015 ACEC Texas Engineering Excellence Awards.

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