Eastlake Blvd. Phase 2 Roadway Improvements - Town of Horizon City, Texas

Posted Mar 18, 2021 by CEA Group

Reconstruction and development of over 3 miles of a major arterial facility creating a bypass around the northern section of the Town of Horizon City.

This project has two characteristic sections, the first is a widening of the existing facility from Darrington Road to Desert Mist Drive, and the second is a new alignment section from Desert Mist Drive to Horizon Boulevard. This project consists of widening the existing road to a 6 lane divided facility and designing a new alignment from Desert Mist to Horizon Blvd, providing illumination, safety appurtenances, drainage and signalization throughout. Professional Services provided by CEA include the production of preliminary plan documents and final plans, specifications, and estimates (PS&E), Stakeholder/Utility coordination, and bid phase assistance for the widened roadway project.

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